I'm worried sick about my little peanut, I'm only around 5 weeks gone and about 4pm yesterday I started to bleed lightly no clots or

Anything I went to a and e last night and I have a internal scan booked for Tomorrow. When I woke up it was just old blood and now it has stopped. I've had no clots or pains while this was happening. Has anyone else been through this?!

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  • This is very common in early pregnancy, it is the blood displaced when the fertilised egg attaches to the womb. Very scary though. I had the same and had a scan at 5 and a half weeks. Everything is fine. Good luck xxx

  • Thanks I'm in the early pregnancy unit now

  • Keep me posted xx my picture is my bean at 5 weeks 3 days xx

  • Back from my internal scan, I'm 5-6 weeks gone, they couldn't see anything in the sack yet but he said it's quite normal and I need to go back in 10 days to make sure everything is okay

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