Pregnancy doubt

Hi there,

I have had few pregnancy symptom for the past 2 weeks like headache, lower back pain, sore swollen breasts and hard and erect nipple and white thick discharge,tired all the time. No other symptoms like nausea,food cravings. My period is due on 01/05/2015 and is usually regular. Today is 6 days after my period due but no period as of now and pregnancy test came up negative today morning which tests 25MIu HGC. I did not have any implantation bleeding in between. I am quite worried about this.

Is there any chance that i might be still pregnant despite the negative HPT?My doctors appointment is not until next Thursday. so this wait time makes me more worried.

Any advice on this please.


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  • Hi there

    If you took the pregnancy test at least 3 weeks after you had unprotected sexual intercourse then it should be accurate, anything less than this would not be. I would suggest taking a pregnancy test a week after the last one you took or wait for your appointment with you GP.

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes


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