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Hi guys, I am new to this forum but need advice! I am 10 weeks pregnant and desperate to stay as healthy as possible, I am over weight have PCOS and Diabetes type2, I have been really good with my diet for 3 months or so but now the pregnancy hunger is kicking in and I am NEVER full up, if I let my self get hungry (usually after 2 hours!) I am hit with bouts of sickness.

Can anyone on here relate and offer any advice I do not believe in the 'eating for 2' line but at the minute I can see why and how people fall victim to this! thanks x

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Hi Laura,

Yes, sadly the "eating for two" line is a bit of an old wives tale. It's great that you are managing to stick to your diet, even though it must be incredibly hard. The NHS has some advice about healthy eating in pregnancy, which might be of use, but personally I find eating lots of chopped up vegetables with some salsa dip or low fat hummous will fill me up, as well as making sure my meals are balanced (protein etc) as this stops me getting hungry so quick afterwards.

I know it must be so hard - but you are doing all the right things for the health of you and your baby so don't be too hard on yourself.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,



Hi Laura- I completely know how you feel when I was pregnant I felt like I wanted to eat all the time because I was constantly hungry. Katherine's advice about chopped up veg is a great one. A friend told me to eat lots of celery in-between meals because it is so chewy and that seemed to do the trick. Although I haven't touched it since because I ate so much! xx


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