Hello everyone I know I've wrote on this before about the same problem however I'm getting concerned as it has not went away. Can anybody identify what this is? I am currently just over 16 weeks pregnant, this only appeared during my pregnancy a couple months ago, I have been to two doctors and both said it was nothing to worry about however my nerves are wrecked, someone please put my mind at ease:(

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  • Is it in your tummy?x

  • No my leg:(x

  • I am not a doctor (I googled it) but it does look a bit like a wart to me.

    If it is- Most times, warts will disappear on their own in their own time.

    So stop worrying and enjoy the pregnancy! :)

    (I am a bit like you though - worry about everything. I am in w14 and finally my nausea is easing up in past 2 days, but now I think I might have got hemorrhoids! Lol)

  • Okay thank you so much! Two doctors have told me it was nothing im just so anxious in case anything goes wrong, oh god hahaha it'll all be worth it in the end lol

  • I had something that looked like this on my leg when I was a teenager, I think it was some kind of wart, looked bad and felt like a hard lump but it did eventually just go away by itself :) best of luck!

  • Okay thank you so much!!😀X

  • its a wart hun, nothing to worry about, it can not in anyway affect your baby

  • Okay thankyou so much!!

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