Am I pregnant?

I had protected sex using a condom 4 months ago and after that I went on the pill. since then i have still had all my periods (withdrawal bleeds) and all have been heavy. I have also taken several pregnancy tests every month since then because I have been bloated and worried about pregnancy. could i still be pregnant even if I am getting periods and negative tests?

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  • Hi there

    If you are worried about being pregnant then it might be a good idea to pop down to your local contraceptive and sexual health clinic and talk to them about your dates. You can find your local clinic here:

    However, if you used your contraception correctly and have had your periods and have subsequently taken tests which have come back negative the chances of you being pregnant are very slim. If you are still worried then a trip to the contraceptive and sexual health clinic or your GP might be a good idea.

    I hope this helps

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