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so it has been a while since my last pregnancy scare anyhow i stopped taking microgynan for 6 weeks after coming out of a relationship after returning to that relationship i decided it was best to start taking the pill again however this time i was prescribed to rigevidon. i have been having the side effect of nausea in which is said to be common i recently just finished my withdrawl bleed but still chose to take a pregnancy test just to be sure my 2 questions are this, does a withdrawl bleed indicate you are not pregnant and 2, should i take notice of my pregnancy test results hours after taking it.. i took my test at 6:30 this morning and it was stone cold negative then returned home after a full day of college to notice a staining around the test line and the test line being white with the strong negative line still being in the control area..? could it be an evaporation mark?

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  • Hello - If I was you I would take another test so you can put your mind at ease. It might be a good idea to go to a local contraceptive and sexual health clinic and take a test with them because whilst you were there you could talk to them about your different pill and explain your dates etc. x

  • Yeah I took another test and it was negative so I think im ok for now :)

  • Okay great, glad you are all okay. x

  • Thankyou :) x

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