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can i be pregnant

ok im really scared

ive ben feeling head hate feel like vomit,and my boobs are growing too fast dost that mean something?

i have gone to the hospital but im too shy to ask if i am pregnant or not and i cant tell my parents they would look at me differently and i wouldent feel fine

i know alot of people dont like the idea but i wanted to a abort because 1 im under 16 and 2 because im not ready and is an abort free and what about the aborting pills ?

please help me

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Hiya - you will be able to get confidential advice and pregnancy testing at a local sexual health clinics, it might be best to contact Brook as they are for young people and can tell you where your closest clinic is you can find all their details here, or use this fpa site you just type in your postcode. If you are pregnant they will be able to talk to you about your choices and what to do next, hope this helps, take care

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Hi there

I really hope you are okay and are not too worried. It can be scary when your body feels like it is changing and you don't know why.

I agree with what snowtinker said, I think it would be really good for you to call Brook and talk through everything with them: They are kind, helpful people who will be able to tell you where your nearest young persons clinic is. You will be able to take a pregnancy test at these clinics and they can then give you confidential advice about your options.

Also I know you don’t feel you can tell your parents but if you have a good friend you feel you can trust it might be an idea to talk to them about everything that is going on.

I really hope this helps and do get in contact again if you are still worried.

Best wishes



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