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Im i pregnant?

My period is six days away but yesterday after light cleaning i took a shower and found discharge. Little discomfort occured but very light dark brown discharge resembling that of period lasted a few hours. I had unprotected sex on the day i ovulated which was aproximately a week ago. For the past couple days ive been really tired for no reason. Whay should i do?


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Take a test to see, none of us can tell you if you're pregnant definitely. If you've got symptoms then get a test or go to your GP.


Hi there

I would suggest taking an early pregnancy test if you're worried. Unfortunately many early pregnancies don’t continue but bleeding does not always indicate that. However, some periods can sometimes just come early. If you find that this is just unexplained vaginal bleeding then I would suggest getting an STI test to rule out infections.

I hope this helps

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