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Help me:(

Me and my bf had intercourse on oct 7th, its protected sex but at last moment condom stick in to my vagina and penis touched with my vagina, after that we cleaned... then i got my regular periods aftr 10 days that is on 18th oct to 24 th oct... now from nov2 to nov 15 i am experiencing white discharge in little amount daily, is there any chances of getting pregnant??? he didint ejaculate in that time .. pls help me i dont need to fall in pregnancy.

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You're probably not pregnant, especially if you haven't missed a period. Just test and see though to be sure x


Hi there,

Even if a man doesn't ejaculate inside his partner, there is still a chance she could conceive as sperm can leak out of the penis before ejaculation. However, as you have had your period it is very unlikely that you are pregnant unless you have had unprotected sex since then. If you are worried you could take a test, or pop down to your local sexual health / family planning clinic to discuss your dates and take a test with a doctor or nurse. If you think you might like to use a method of contraception that is more effective than condoms, they can also talk to you about all your options, including 'fit and forget' methods that can last for years without you needing to worry about contraception every day / every time you have sex.

It might be helpful to know for the future that if your condom slips or splits or you have any problems with contraception, you can always use emergency contraception up to five days after having sex to prevent pregnancy. We have more information about emergency contraception and the full range of contraceptive methods here:

I hope this helps. Do let me know if you have any questions or queries.

Best wishes,



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