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I have a High Possibility of me being Pregnant... due to having sex Everyday of my Fertile Window without any Protection.. but 4 days ago I Got my Wisdom teeth took out , I was put to sleep & I'm on Oxycodone for pain relief ... if I'm pregnant , is my baby at risk right now ? I take the pill every 4-6 hours only 5mg per pill. I should be Better by Oct. 21 and won't be taking the Narcotics anymore. ( IT is to soon for a pregnancy test for me)

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Hi Carmen,

When you take your test at the end of October, early November and if it is positive I would recommend getting medical advice and talking through your use of Oxycodone with your doctor and they will be able to tell you about the side effects of taking Oxycodone whilst pregnant. I know it is really diffcicult waiting to find out if you are pregnant but unfortunately for now all you can do is wait. I know it must be difficult but try not to worry too much if possible.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes



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