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Am I Pregnant or Is it my pill?

I was on the pill for a few months but it turned out that I was allergic to the pill so I stopped taking it, about 3 weeks - a month ago. Since then I haven't had a period and the last time I had sex was around the same time i was stopping taking the pill. Am i pregnant or is it the pill messing with my periods?

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Hi there,

Your period can sometimes be delayed after coming off the pill, but if your period is late it would be best to take a pregnancy test just in case. If the test is negative, wait another 3 days and if your period still hasn’t arrived you should take another test. If this is also negative, it would be a good idea to pop in to see your GP or local contraceptive / sexual health clinic (you can find your nearest online here fpa.org.uk/find-a-clinic) just to check there aren’t any other reasons why your period is delayed. They can also discuss with you alternative contraceptive options that might be suitable for you if you are thinking about using another method.

I hope this is helpful. If there is anything else just let me know.

Best wishes,



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