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Could I be pregnant?

Hi, I am 16 and have always been very certain to use contraception during sex, I have tried various types of the pill all of which have caused bloating tiredness etc. For the past month I have been relying solely on condoms which causes me to feel paranoid. As of late I have been feeling tired, very - noticeably - bloated and far more constipated than the usual I suffer from, plus also needing to wee in the night, experiencing odd tastes in my mouth, and feeling increasingly sick and nauseous, with more frequent headaches. I am aware some of these signs may be caused by the increase in temperature now it is summer, plus my change in diet now I have finished school and lost enthusiasm to eat healthily. Also my mood has dropped considerably, however it is common for me to suffer with headaches, bloating, depressive spells etc. just not all at once! I have always had irregular periods so I cannot use this to judge, but could I possibly be pregnant or am I just paranoid now that I no longer take any form of the pill? I don't wish to worry my parents or boyfriend about this, i'm sure a pregnancy test is the best option but getting hold of one without them finding out is a difficult task! I would very much appreciate it if someone could put my mind at rest! Thank you!

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Hi Sophie,

Unless condoms split or slip off they are a very effective method of contraception but if you are worried and experiencing pregnancy symptoms the best thing to do is to take a pregnancy test. You can buy these in supermarkets and pharmacies but you can also get a free test from your GP or a local contraceptive clinic. Some contraception clinics are run especially for young people and you can find your nearest here:

The NHS website has some information about taking a test here which might be useful too: If the test shows a negative result, then re-check a week later if you still haven't had your period as sometimes testing too early can give a negative result.

I hope this helps. Do let me know if you have any other questions.

Best wishes,



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