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can I get pregnant

I am almost 47. I have been on the following medication for 3 years - Quetiapine 25mg - Quetiapine 100mg more recently. Lamotrigine 25 mg. Amitriptyline 10mg and finally Levothyroxine 100mg. I have been told by my specialist that it is extremely unlikely to get pregnant given my age and medication. The last 2 months I have had enlarged breasts during my menstral cycle. My menstral cycle has been 1 or two days of bleed followed by spotting. I have had a home pregnancy test twice over two week, which has come back negative. We have unprotected sex. how likely in your opinion is it for me to get pregnant?

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Hi Violet,

I think your best plan of action would be to talk to your specialist or the specialist nurses at your centre to get the best advice, as they will understand your medication the best. Hopefully they will be able to answer all your questions for you.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,



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