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Help to conceive please


My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over 6 months and have had no luck. My husband is keen for us to use organic, natural treatments but I fear that might not do the trick. I have been pretty relaxed about the whole thing for a while but recently I just can’t stop worrying about it. I fell pregnant nearly 10 years ago with my husband, who at that stage was my boyfriend of 3 months, and because I was in my early 20’s and fresh out of university we chose to have an abortion. Since then I have been extremely careful with contraception to avoid having to go through that again. I know it is silly but I can’t help but think about the abortion now that I am unable to conceive. My husband and I don’t really talk about it because I think we are afraid if we bring it up it will only cause more problems. What should I do about my fertility looking forward? Sorry to waffle could just do with some help! x

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Hi becca112,

Do you keep track or have a fairly good knowledge of your ovulation cycle?

If so the best advise i can say is to try everything possible, you mentioned your husband is keen to go down the organic route and i personally think why not! especially if it has got a chance of working for you both.

also i know its easier said than done but try not to stress too much about the whole thing and just try go with the flow of intimacy, the more you excessively think about it your body has a strange and adverse reaction to slow down and therefore then just dissapoints us.

Ive also heard (from a another info source) that a session of acupuncture has helped for some women who are struggling to conceive so it may be worth a try to also look into this.


i wish you the best of luck and Im sure it will happen for you soon.


Hi becca112,

I can vouch for acupuncture! I was having acupuncture as a way to relax in general and suggested my sister try it out when she was getting really worried about not having children and she said it helped her to relax. She got pregnant a few months later. I am not sure if there was an actual link but she definitely felt a lot calmer about everything. xx


Hi ladies,

Thanks for you kind replies. My husband and I spent the weekend having long discussions about the past which I think we needed. Well I know I did anyway. We are going to give his organic plan a whirl and see if that works for now. As for acupuncture - I have a massive fear of needles so I doubt that would help. But perhaps I might try some yoga to keep me calm. Do you think that will help? Thanks again xx


you are still young it will come it took me over a year to conceive my last child and like you i had a termination years before.

i know it's a vicious circle when your desperate to conceive but give it at least 12 mths of trying and if still nothing go to your gp they can do a simple blood test on you which shows if you are still ovulating.

the main thing is to relax and not to have sex to conceive but to do it because you both enjoy it, if it becomes a chore you wont fall pregnant trust me I've been where you are right now.

it will happen good luck xx


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