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Constipation slow bowel transit and laxatives


I have slow bowel transit. I am on stacks of meds which have caused my bowels to hardly evacuate so I have to take 3 different laxatives which just makes me pass "porridge" movements but better out than in. I feel very low having to take 3 lots and I even have to use colonic irrigation sometimes. Am I alone with this problem? I'd like to hear from anyone who has to take so many laxatives . Thankyou

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I too have slow transit. The only laxative which works for me now is Dulcolax liquid but it causes terrible stomach pain and bloating. I have tried various things from prucalopride, constella, low fibre diet, high fibre, fodmap..... the list goes on! I currently have a temporary sacral nerve simulator fitted but it hasn’t made any improvement to my symptoms. What laxatives are you currently taking? xx

basten in reply to SlowT1

Hi I take Movicol sachets 3 a day, Bisicodyl (Senna( 2 at night and milk mag. 2 x 20 ml day. Can still go days without producing much. I then resort to my colonic irrigation equipment but that's pretty useless too. I try to avoid bread as that clogs me up. Tried all sorts. Was going properly before I went on all my meds. The milk mag. Definitely helps. Forgotten what a proper poop looks like!! It does get me down a lot but consultant not bothered just discharged me. Thank you . P.s. I've read fibre can make it worse...I guess it just makes us swell up more and still gets stuck. I've tried all sorts too. X

SlowT1 in reply to basten

Thank you. I will give the milk mag a go. I too tried colonic irrigation but it had zero effect 😔 xx

basten in reply to SlowT1

Ok I was taking Magnesium hydroxide free on my prescription but they discontinued it. I live in the UK. I now have to buy my milk of Magnesia which my GP said is the same thing. But it tastes yuckie. It says on my bottle do not take for more than 3 days but my gp said no ignore that. I find bread cake biscuits block me up so am gonna try and cut them out ....hard . Yes my irrigation used to work fine but nowadays hardly anything. It's a water bag with tubes and a pump on the NHS. My bowel man said use it every day but I dont and I think it can make my bowels worse. I only use it if I haven't been for say 5 days or more. Good luck. It's all a pain in the arse ha ha !!!

Hi I had this for several years. Then it went the other way. I still cant fathom where my food actually went! Can only have come from pores in skin! Useless consultants. Sleep problems too. Then years later found I had Hashimotos which cause all processes to slow. Regular as clockwork now and sleep. Suggest you have private blood test for TPO antibodies.

Thankyou glad you are better now

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