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Sigmoid without sedation



I’ve had pretty much all these tests (many years ago) but always had to have a sedative due to screaming in pain (one even two doses and I still felt like I was in agony). Nothing was found at the time and I’ve since had endometriosis removed from the bowel so assume that explains the pain.

I am due for another investigation for diverticulitis, but it’s landed on an awkward day where I will have no one to look after me. I’m hoping to brave it without a sedative, can anyone tell me what that may be like?

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Hi Ash,

OMG without sedation?.

Year's ago my hubby had that too

and swore he would never have another due to the pain and he hates taking pain meds..Since then we both have colonoscopies only. He gets polyps but luckily not cancerous and I have Ulcerative Colitis and UC Proctitis which is hard to live with.I noticed in the past this community chat is not too active so wanted to reply to you. How are You? Any diagnosis yet? Oh and btw I had a CT about a year ago where the doc never called me back and I have diverticulosis which I guess can turn into diverticulitis when inflamed...In the future if I may be so bold to give my opinion I would ask for the colonoscopy instead as you r sedated and fall asleep for the procedure. My issue is always the prep..Let me know how you r doing.I hope better..Take Care!

Ash24601 in reply to oncesunny

Thank you for your reply!

I agree with you. My gastro doesn’t want to do too many invasive tests yet as we I am due for endometriosis surgery soon so we want to see what they find. I’d rather wait and get the whole thing done then have to go through both.

I actually had to cancel this appointment, the bookings team asked how I felt about travelling to a further hospital but when they mentioned “medication” would be sent to me I said the travel would be a concern. She reassured me that it was only softeners. It wasn’t! Lol no way could I do an enema (if I could even manage it myself, it took nurses holding me down last time) then travel a long distance during rush hour!