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Alendronic Acid

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Informed it was not available till early Sept by my pharmacy GP prescribed Risedronate Sodium until back in stock which hade been problematic burred vision when taking it, indigestion (which I have never had) mouth sores/ulcer after two doses, not going to continue with it, waiting for GP to get back to me

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Sorry to hear that Derek, have you spoken to the pharmacy about the problems you have had with the substitute meds? I think you should tell them you can’t take it and ask for another solution. I am guessing AA is in short supply across the country? Waiting till September may be your only option unfortunately.

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Derek1951 in reply to Lyndy

Thanks you Lyndy pharmacy have advised me to contact GP which I am doing. Thanks again Derek

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Errp82 in reply to Derek1951

I live in Norfolk Uk and asked my surgery yesterday about supplies of alendronic acid. Was told that there is a general shortage but Norfolk is ok at present!!! This for all other folk Irving in uk

Derek1951 look into the bone building benefits of magnesium, boron and annatto tocotrienol.

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Hi Derek, sorry to hear you are effected by this shortage. If you can't get your usual tablets, speak to your local pharmacist. We have also pulled together a few other possible options on our website -

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