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Missed Alendronic Acid date

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Hi I need some advice please. My pharmacy ran out of Alendrotnic Acid last week - apparently it’s nationwide yet they didn’t tell me. It was only when I went to collect another prescription they informed me. I was due to take it last Saturday - so I had to phone my Drs to issue an urgent alternative. By the time I got the alternative I took it Tuesday morning just gone. Shall I go back to taking it this Saturday or have Tuesdays as my new day for this tablet?

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I would check with the pharmacist, but if you took it Tuesday, Saturday sounds too soon to take the next one. I would either switch to Monday or Tuesday, or miss this Saturday and take it Saturday week, if that's a better day for you.

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Thanks for your reply. I think I will start a new day on Monday.

Why not take it on Tuesday and then have an 8 day cycle until you get back to Saturdays?

Thanks for your reply. As in my other reply, I will star on Monday. A new day and the start of the week!

There isn’t a problem with missing a week or two every so often as the AA stays in your system a long time. I had this question when I was going on holiday and each time was told by the Osteoporosis nurse and the consultant that as I’d been on it a few months already it wasn’t an issue. Don’t fret

Thanks, just remembered to take it this morning!

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