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Watch our #BoneMatters Facebook Live on Scans

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On 7 April, we hosted a discussion on DXAs and other osteoporosis scans. Our Clinical Advisor, Sarah, was in conversation with Jill Griffin, our Professional Development Lead and Clinical Lead on vertebral fractures. They discussed bone density scanning, what the results from a bone density scan mean and other types of scans used for osteoporosis.

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Thank you for posting this. To my way of thinking we are at the mercy of how expert the person is who positions us when we go for a DEXA and how well trained they are in interpreting the results. I am given to understand that there is a shortage of people willing to learn how give scans and interpret them and also medics available to provide this important training.

If a patient has scoliosis for instance, the spinal results will not be reliable enough to give a result either way. Results will only be taken from the hip. The VFA would be a much better option in these cases but this is not readily available as I found out. My endo was always apologising to me about this. In my area the DEXA scanner was always breaking down and not being replaced or repaired for months and months so patients are put on a waiting list that seems to go on forever. This cannot be right.

Having paid for a REMS scan I was more than happy with the results which I also got for my spine which the DEXA has not been able to provide and to be able to discuss the results there and then was a revelation. I am also given to believe that if one is not willing to take prescribed medication any future DEXA scans are more than likely not offered to a patient. Am I correct in thinking this please?

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Met00 in reply to Kaarina

I think if you refuse meds, whether or not you're offered a further DEXA scan is very much a postcode lottery, or possibly down to individual GPs. I had a second DEXA scan after nearly 4 years, despite stopping meds after a year, but have since changed GP practice, so wait to see whether I'll be offered another. Like you though, I've had a couple of REMs scans, so will probably refuse any further DEXA scans because my results were discordent.

That was very interesting… thank you 😊 Fran

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