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Which osteoporosis drugs help pain

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Has anyone noticed a reduction in pain whilst on either risodrenate, evista or

strontium? Do they also help arthritis pain as well as osteoporosis pain?


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Hicmoc, although I don’t suffer from arthritis I noticed from other keto followers that they have had a reduction/alleviation from symptoms when they follow a low carb diet.

Unfortunately none of the osteoporosis drugs give any pain relief. Are you suffering pain from fractures? If not, and you don't know the cause, you should ask your doctor to investigate. He/she should also be able to prescribe pain relief medication.

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cmoc in reply to Met00

Hi Met00, I am trying to find out where the pain on my sacro iliac joint and hip are coming from and trying to get them to look at a PETscan done in March for something else, but so far, I have

waited 5 x months for them to look at it, I have had loads of MRIs over the years which have

shown up my vertebral fractures, and just a bulging disc which isnt pressing on a nerve

it said, although I have pins and needles shooting up and down my spine and down into my bum etc. and calf pain and neuropathy in my legs

I will probably have to pay again for a private upright MRI which I did years ago to find out

the cause.

I was hoping that something with Oestrogn like Evista might soften ligaments etc. and

make things a bit better. Just wondered if someone on Evista had noticed a reduction in pain.

Pain relief from the doctor in the UK is, unfortunately, just high doeses of co codamol.

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Met00 in reply to cmoc

There are stronger pain relief options. You could try asking for a referral to your local pain clinic. It does sound like your disc is pressing on a nerve, but maybe it doesn't do so all the time so didn't show up on the scan. I slipped a disc many years ago and still get pain from that at times. I was told that, though it was nerve pain, it wasn't my sciatic nerve, yet I do get sciatica sometimes, and also it can shift sides occasionally, all of which suggests something is moving! Have you had physio for any of this? I was taught how to lift safely and which movements to avoid in order to stop any further disc bulges. What I learnt then is also very relevant to helping protect my back from fractures. I also find walking helps enormously, while sitting too long tends to aggravate things.

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cmoc in reply to Met00

Yes, still confused. I wondered about that bulging disc, because its on the same sideas the sacro pain and hip pain and most leg pain, but like you, sometimes can be a bit on the other side but nothing near as much, and not into the hip on the other side

just the coccyx area. I havent lifted anything more than a kettle of water since my diagnosis and vertebral fractures. I try to walk but only last 10 minutes before sacro pain sets in and worry for severe pain again so stop at that point. Still need to get answers although I know there is little they can do really for back problems apart from operations and nobody really wants those, just would like to know what it is and how long to heal and how to prevent again.

All physio apart from holding my stomach muscles in made things worse.

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to cmoc

You haven’t by any chance got an insufficiency fracture?

I’ve been having a lot of very low backache along with buttock pains and nerve type pain down the back of my legs. I’ve told one physio I felt as if someone had whacked me across the sacrum with an iron bar and I felt as if I had a crack in my sacrum.

The first physio I saw said she thought it was referred pain from the lumbar region - I cancelled the follow up appointment because I knew it wasn’t referred pain. Then I tried to get my GP to send me for an X-ray - no chance. Eventually after I had fallen over backwards onto my bottom when I was getting up off the ground in the garden and really hurt myself. I tried my GO again for an X-ray and no one even answered the phone.

So I went to A&E and saw a GP in minor injuries - he thought I had described the symptoms of sacroiliitis which seemed a reasonable guess and he gave me painkillers and referred me for physio.

By this time I was crawling up stairs and had to lift my leg with both hands to get it into the car.

So I found myself another physio who referred me for a lumbar MRI - a lot wrong and none of it good news and they recommended that I had another couple of MRIs one of my sacrum and one of pelvis and guess what? Yes, I did have a crack in my sacrum.

I’d like to have told the GP who refused to do anything and the physio who didn’t believe me but by that time I’d had moved to a different doctor’s surgery and found another physio.

So it might be worth you asking about sacral insufficiency fractures.

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cmoc in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Hi, I have answered you privately as long medical history regarding this area, long time before osteoporosis.

Hello cmoc

Been thinking a lot about your question - I have 'arthritis in the family' Materal Grandparent/Father/ and now my brothers.

Brothers both reported early signs in their 50s and when in my early 50s I would get limb joint pains on wet/cold days (need to add I did not get a diagnoses and this was very mild etc.) I started OS medication in my mid 50s and I do remember asking the question you have just asked to my consultant after a review as I no longer had (and still don't have any more signs of arthritis) - The consultant at the time from a London teaching hospital said one other patient had asked her the same question but she had not come across any researched information showing the benefit, but IF this was a side effect at least it was a good one!

10 years on I have no signs (touch wood!) of arthritis - perhaps there is something in this? The medications I have been on 5 year Prolia; 2 years Forsteo; 1 year Infusion of Zoledronic acid (Aclasta); and now back on Prolia.

I didn't have a change of diet because I have food Intolerances and have been under the care of a dietician since aged 30.

I do have pain from fractures but this is different to an arthritis pain (or is for me).

Have said that about diet and fractures I also think that Collywobbles64 and Met00 both have good points and agree with them. Just I'm coming from a different view point.

What ever the reason long may it last for you.

Best Wishes

Posy White

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cmoc in reply to Posy-White

Thankyou Posy-White. Very interesting. You are very lucky to be able to take all thosewithout side effects. I was looking at Calcitonin as it seems that they use it as a migraine

preventative, and it has pain relief effects. Sounds like something worth considering.

I should get on something soon, I have been off Forteo for 6 x month now without anything to hold on to any gains I may have made over the 6 x months I took it, but my diet is very good with lots of calcium foods (getting sick of salmon, tuna, kippers or scampi every lunchtime though


Hello cmoc

I did have the misfortune to cop the rebound fractures after stopping Prolia the first time (local hospital didn't take the warning very seriously and thought 6 monthly blood checks was all I needed! 4 months after stopping 8 spinal fractures and now disablity).

And I had eye problems with Zoledron, so back on Prolia - it did work for me I gain the most from it and had the least side effects!

Best Wishes

Posy White

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cmoc in reply to Posy-White

8 fractures is just awful, you must have struggled to heal from those. I hope you are not in too much pain now. I do wish they could find something that helps us all without all theseterrible other things than can happen.

I hope your life isnt too much of a struggle, it cant be easy with eight fractures.

Best wishes

Hello again cmoc

Wasn't easy, pain managed with Butec patch and now nearly 4 years on getting my head round no longer working and disability.

I found, this site a good support and though it sounds callous, finding someone with more problems than I have helps me realise what I have got and to enjoy that when possible! Plus not giving up I push myself to do the physio, water exercises and go out, even if on a bad day, fresh air and (I'm lucky) watching the garden birds or the sea I have learned to take great pleasure in.

It would be great to find medication without side effects, so many people on this site do have problems with these stong meds; I can admire the people who have found the no strong medication route and made it work for themselves.

Take care and thank you for your kind message of support.

Posy White

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