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Alendronic Acid


My doc has prescribed this and Adcal D3 i have looked the Alendronic acid up on line and it has loads of problems

So help me any one on it or been on it can give me the benefit of their experience please

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Hi DanceQueen. I have been taking AA for nearly 5 years. About to discuss a drug holiday and a Dexa scan to see what my T scores are now. I was -2.7 in my spine originally. I also take Adcal D3 but only half the recommended dose, choosing to get the rest from food. I have had no side effects from either. I did break my fibula 4 years ago when I fell down the stairs carrying my baby granddaughter. She was OK and I made a good recovery. I always walk at least 30 miles a week and do weight bearing exercises 3 times a week to strengthen my bones. I will take a view as to whether I go back on AA. I also had a tooth removed 18 months ago with no problems. Everyone is different and some people have had very unpleasant side effects from AA. Whether my bones are more brittle I don’t know. Good luck.

Thankyou Dorsetlass for your input i do appreciate it ...I have had many drug reactions to various meds and am a bit worried about starting this one..i also take lots of meds for other things i have wrong with me....I need a knee replacement and my surgeon said my bones are weak but i really don't believe that hahahahahaha

Have you been tested for hyperPARAthyroidism? It is a cause of osteoporosis. Can be done by testing calcium vit d and parathyroid hormone from the same blood draw. Thousands are misdiagnosed........and osteoporosis caused by this can be reversed following a small op

wow Cappuccinobaby I have never heard of that i will do some research on line ...Thankyou

Im not saying all osteoporosis is caused by this but many people are being missed diagnosed because medics dont check if there is a underlting cause for the osteoporosis. Also regarding bisphosphanates look up Dr Steven Yeh's study he is at UCLA

I don’t understand why a test for hyperparathyroidism is not automatically done after an osteoporosis diagnosis, it’s so easy to do from bloods. It’s a serious omission.

Its many on here have never been tested. The just get prescribed bisphosphanates.....

Thanks so much for your helpful replies ,,,,i now have to think what to do

I suppose its cheaper[but wrong] just to give the drugs

Those are my thoughts too. But ask for that blood test just to rule out hyperparathyroidism as a cause

helloI have been on it for about 10 years, and like the respondent below chose to get half of my daily calcium from food, the other from 1 tablet of adcal (600mg calcium). I had no side effects apart from initially some gut problems (windy etc). Again like the person below I had a year 'holiday' about 6 years in. Unfortunately my spine t-score (initially well low at -4.) having stayed level until 8 years ago has now got worse (possibly due to hip problems before I had a new hip and then b-y lockdown) and I am going to have to go on to a different drug heyho.

hope this helps

Thanks so much for your input it helps me make an informed decision for myself.I am on a lot of drugs as i have several ailments that need daily meds so i am very wary about starting anymore and have had some severe reactions to drugs in the past

I was also very wary about taking AA as I have gut problems but am trying 10mg a day and it seems to be fine.

DanceQueen in reply to eannj

I do hope you are ok on them i am still undecided ....thanks for your comments

Well, it has a study proven ability to 'halve' your fracture risk.

That said, there's lots of other (diet, exercise & balance routines, be wary of calcium supplements though) approaches that can manage at least halving your fracture risk imo.

You could do both, med and self help, but you may still have some (small) fracture risk.

~wbic, member bonehealth forum

DanceQueen in reply to wbiC

Thanks for your help Why do you advice against calcium supplements ??

wbiC in reply to DanceQueen

Because, food / drink sources are far healthier and less risky, especially from a heart health viewpoint.

More critically, too much calcium (> 900 mg/day total intake?) is strongly suspect as actually causing osteoporosis.

~wbic, member bonehealth forum

DanceQueen in reply to wbiC

You have no idea what these so called experts are pushing you to probs for them whatever the outcome

One of the riskier supplements to take...and need to have at the very least 2.1 rsrio with magnesium and magnesium needs an almost 1:10 rstion with potassium ...the lack of potassium and magnesium in our diets and the rise if calcium and phosphorous has been in line with the rise in osteo ...the whole theory is kinda crazy. When you remkve calcium from bone it becomes soft and bendy. When you remove collegen from bone it becomes brittle. We all did that in primary school so I could never understand the focus on calcium especially when it contributes tot he biggest killer on the planet which is heart disease and so many either things diabetes as many illnesses...but then the heart people seem to be trying to inflate their investment in heart issues by telling people the opposite of what the evidence shows. Its like they want people to get heart disease or something. Seriously bizzare. All the cholesterol nonsense and diabetes inducing diabetes advice. Nobody is driving the bus. I remember being a child and reading about the risks of taking calcium for the heart... I assumed they would not do it. Even now the cal mag tablets never have enough magnesium.its just mind blowing.

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