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Alendronic Acid or Teriperatide

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Has anyone used Teriperatide to increase bone density? I thought it was supposed to be coming off patent and therefore getting cheaper. (In the UK at least.) I was told it was very expensive and not given to those with less than 3 fractures of the spine. I have refused Alendronic Acid.

10 Replies
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I’ve been taking Teriparatide since August as Movymia, which is a cheaper version. I’d had one spinal fracture but the hospital had messed up my Dexa scan results, so that might have helped! I’m not sure what the criteria are for prescribing it, but it appears to be the most effective treatment available. I have refused Alendronic Acid.

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May I ask why you refused Alendronic Acid? I'm supposed to be on this also, but am concerned about adding another drug, as I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis I take quite powerful medication already. Thank you and good luck ❤

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I have been on Teriparatide since September. Suffered with reflux when taking Alendronic Acid + a couple of vertebral fractures & low T scores were the reasons given for the switch.

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I took one Alendronic Acid and was violently sick so I was taken off of it and put on terraparatide. I had no side effects and my bones were stable for the two years I took it. I was told it is very expensive but it did the job. You can only take it for two years because of a risk of cancer. I went on to Denosumab after and had another four fractures in my back after five months. I went to hospital where they discovered it. It said on my discharge sheet that the Denosumab had failed. I was due for another injection of it because it is every six monthly ones. I phoned my Consultant and told her what was on the discharge sheet and she said No!! It hadn’t failed it takes one to two years to work. So keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ve got seven back fractures and I’ve only been on it eleven months.

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I stopped AA after 10 weeks due to gut issues and bone pains. This was in 2010. No idea if Teriparatide was available then, but I eventually managed to get Strontium ranelate on prescription in 2011 and have been on it ever since, as it agrees with me.

I have several friends who have been on AA for ages without any problems, so it worth keeping an open mind. I personally found that its worth trying it for a short while and if it doesn't agree with you, stop taking it. The GP is then more likely to offer you an alternative that you want.

Good luck

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I started an answer but lost it before I could send it

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Yes I went on to Forstoe (Teriparatide) -it was because the small local hospital made a mess up with Denosumab - Having done well on the Prolia (Denosumab) medication with a greatly improved score, therefore no longer in OS range the injections where stopped and 4 months latter I had 8 spinal rebound fractures. This was back in back in 2017.

Since then both Terrosa & Movymia have become available, cheaper than Forstoe (but I'm unsure if they are available throughout the UK).

Have you had chance to look at all the different fact sheet on all the OS drugs on the ROS website - that might give you a few ideas of pros & cons so you can go back to your GP/Consultant armed with more ideas.

Best Wishes

Posy White

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I understand that the advantage of Teriparatide is that it builds new bone, rather than hardening old bone. It’s particularly useful if you’ve had spinal fractures as it helps to fill the holes in the vertebrae. It doesn’t cause rebound fractures, but it gives you 2 years of building bone rather than losing it - according to my research and Consultant. I’m hoping to go on to strontium afterwards.

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I tried AA, on my second dose I was rushed off in an ambulance due to having annifolatic, I had several in a week.... I waited 4 months then went on these injections, I was 2cmonths in and realised that my symptoms were due to this drug, mainly sickness each night, along with bad depression...It's almost been a year without anything and the specialists are hoping that I will agree to trying Denosumab.. Very reluctant indeed..

I have had 4 thoracic fractures and 2 cracked ribs.. I'm 50 so they are keen to get me onto something...

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I’ve been on Terrosa which is a cheaper biosimilar since May 2020. I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and already had 5 compression fractures due to GP being hopeless. I was offered a choice of a bisphosphonate, denosumab or this. I wouldn’t touch denosumab with a barge pole and I wanted to start with the Terrosa as it helps to create new healthy bone rather than maintaining already osteoporotic bone which is what I understand bisphosphonates do.

I’ve had no problems with it at all and the injections are very straightforward to do. I’ve been assuming I’ve had no further compression fractures as I haven’t lost any more height - but have literally just this evening tripped up some steps after the blasted rat hunting dog suddenly lunged forwards.. I felt something in my back pull and it’s pretty sore so I’m really hoping it’s muscle pain!

I don’t know of course if my bone density has increased (won’t get another Dexa till I’ve finished the 2 years on Terrosa) but I’ve managed to remain pretty active and my pain diminished enormously - still there and I definitely know if I’ve overdone things, but so much better than it was 2 years ago.

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