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What are your thoughts on this?

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One of my great fears has been what this medication, which I have to take, is doing to my bones? I already have osteoporosis caused by hyperparathyroidism. This seems too good to be true.

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That's an interesting link, with the research appearing to contradict other research studies. The research was in 2017, so it would be interesting to know whether there have been further studies since.

You mention that you have osteoporosis as a result of hyperparathyroidism. Have you been treated for that, or just for osteoporosis?

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I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism shortly before my osteoporosis was discovered 2 years ago when I fractured my wrist. I had a very astute GP who noticed that my blood calcium level was slightly raised and referred me. The offending gland was successfully removed in August last year. According to parathyroid.com/ post op there should subsequently have been healthy improvement in my bone strength. Endocrinologists tend to play this down I think. If PPIs were found not to be detrimental to bone health I would feel very positive indeed!

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I don't think it contradicts the fact if higher rate of hip fracture. It just showers the mechanism by which that is happening is not due to bone density changes. they do suggest at the end that it could be caused by another mechanism but they don't deny the fact it happens.that's how I read it anyway.

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Well it does still say there's a fracture risk. But that they didn't find it dismimproved bone density. Even things that improve density have a fracture risk. And it doesn't say anything about the other aspects of why people on ppis have increased fractures. Just that its not causing a bone density issue. Maybe it messes with peoples balance or does something else ...it doesn't seem to negate the fracture risk it just determines it hasn't messed with bone formation directly it could still be doing something else. But if you have to take them you have to take them. And it does say it disturbs absorbance of one type of calcium so maybe that's the issue with it. It doesn't sound like its saying everything is fine with it. But even things that improve bone density have a fracture risk. Have you been tested for lead? That can cause thyroid issues and it messes with bones too. My aunt grew up drinking water form lead pipes as did my mom and they've never been tested for lead issues but one has osteopenia the other osteoparosis. I have wondered. There are so many things people eat and drink everyday that can affect bones and so many aspects to the risks of fracture like balance and muscles etc. So if you have to take them then I don't think worrying about it will help any. Be positive despite the risks. Everything we do has a risk and a benefit and it seems if you have to take ppis they're giving you a benefit and probably worth the risk if you have no other options. If you had other options than the ppis it might be worth thinking about it but otherwise it will just make you feel worried and that's also not good for any organs including your bones. So you may as well be positive.

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Thank you for your detailed reply. Yes, I do have to take PPIs and I do try to remain as positive as possible, keep the dose to the lowest I can and source as many of the right supplements and foods I can for my bones. I haven’t been tested for lead but see no reason to be as I have never exhibited any symptoms of thyroid problems in my life so I think it would be unlikely to have been a contributory cause of my osteoporosis which I put down mainly to the hyperparathyroidism.

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ah yes I always get those two mixed up. That's good. It looks like there are worse things than your ppis so I would definitely feel reassured. And if they help you and it seems they don't interfere with bones density then it must make fractures happen by some other means. So many studies just don't tell us the situations of the people and only the numbers. I have found the more studies I've looked at the less I know the more worried and confused I get. There's so many and they tell you numbers but not much else. at least this one was investigative...although I wish patients got the investigations too since people don't often get a 3 dimensional scan! That would be nice!

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I sometimes envy the folk that blindly accept all they are told and prescribed but that’s just not me! Like you I read and investigate all I can but sometimes my head just spins! Take care.

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