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What are your experiences with travel insurance and osteoporosis?

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Hi everyone. We're writing an article about travel insurance for our members' magazine, Osteoporosis News, and are keen to hear about your experiences. We'd love to hear from you if:

- you've experienced a broken bone due to osteoporosis while on holiday that wasn't covered by insurance. (Perhaps you didn't have travel insurance, or didn't realise that you weren't fully covered by your policy.)

- you've experienced a broken bone due to osteoporosis while on holiday that was fully covered by your insurance.

- you've found the Royal Osteoporosis Society helpful when searching for travel insurance.

Feel free to get in touch with Rachael at media@theros.org.uk if you'd like some further information, or to discuss in private.

Many thanks in advance!

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One thing to be aware of - make sure your travel insurance includes Repatriation. Some cheaper policies don't, and it can cost £20,000 upwards if you need to be flown home. This is particularly important when relying on some travel insurance policies that come as part of a packag e.g. if you take out a certain type of Bank card.

Since my Prolia-associated fractures I cannot travel without pain so I don’t.

So this is irrelevant for me.

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Hi Viazoy, I'm really sorry to hear that. We receive lots of questions about travel on our Helpline, so we felt it would be helpful to include an article about this for our members. I hope you'll find lots of other useful information in the upcoming edition that's relevant to you. If you have any comments or feature suggestions, you're most welcome to contact us at media@theros.org.uk.

I don’t have any experiences to report back to you on those issues thankfully. But on a positive note, I haven’t had any problems getting travel insurance since I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoporosis even with a few spontaneous fractures - so people shouldn’t be put off. 🙏

No problem. I'm glad that people CAN travel. Before Prolia destroyed me I loved to travel. JoansBackboneDisaster.com.

No problems. Have had several holidays, declaring all my medical conditions. Recently had 2 weeks in canaries, only paid £3 extra to cover OP and 3 years’ cancer remission.

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