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What's your opinion on weighted vests?

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I've been thinking of getting a weighted vest but, as aware they are very expensive: some even £150 eek! am wondering just how beneficial they are. As an alternative, would a rucksack with different weights do the same thing?

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Hi Titian

If you type in Weighted Vests in the Search Box there are a few past postings on this subject.

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Titian8 in reply to Kaarina

Thanks for the tip Kaarina: that feature will come in very handy. I have so many questions and it will save repeating on topics already answered. Much appreciated.

I think if your bones are very fragile you need to be careful and wary about the weight you carry.

I use a rucksack and vary the weight I carry. It's a small rucksack so I can't fill it up too much. It's the only way I can travel on the train for an overnight visit as I can't manage a suitcase on stairs. I take a tiny essentials kit and no spare clothing. My rucksack has a good back support and a hip belt so some of the weight is carried on hips and it can clip at the chest to keep it well positioned. I don't know if it's a good idea or not. It's just a practical solution for me.

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Titian8 in reply to Nanaedake

I think I will start with a rucksack, similar to yours Nanaedake, until I research/read up on it a bit more.

Currently my problem is more to do with my wrist fracture from last winter, rather than the osteoporosis, in that hand is very weak. So a rucksack would perhaps benefit two probs at same time for now.

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Rosepetal60 in reply to Titian8

I have found wrist splints from pharmacys helpful when traveling on trains with a rucksack. It's when one is putting the rucksack on over the shoulders, the wrist splint supports the hand and wrist well. They are washable and comfortable to wear with Velcro fastenings. There was a time when I was wearing a wrist splint on both hands whilst travel on trains. Assisted travel is also helpful.

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Titian8 in reply to Rosepetal60

Hi Rosepetal60, when I got my cast off was given a wrist splint with Velcro fastenings to use temporarily and this provided a degree of confidence while using public transport. Used it for a couple of weeks only as thought it might deter progress if I relief on it constantly.

However, it now seems have permanent nerve damage so will be looking it out again for travelling. Never before was aware a fracture can actually be so life changing. Last year was landscaping my garden including carrying 25kg stone bags and moving concrete slabs: 8 months on from fracturing my wrist ( alas my dominant hand) and even holding a mug of tea with some difficulty.

The thought of another fracture has now led me to change everything from exercise to food choices plus specific supplements.

Advice and comments on here has been eye opening and I've learned so much in such a short time.

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Rosepetal60 in reply to Titian8

My rucksack was the lightest available, basic foldaway nylon one that gets zipped into its own compartment when not in use. Mainly because I have other health issues and can't lift. Any toiletries are miniature in size or only have so much left in them. Everything packed carefully so the soft items are where the rucksack is in contact with ones back. It's quite a few years since I have been on a long distance train traveling to stay a few nights and it does bring back some nice memories of scenic travel especially if it includes Dawlish. Couldn't have done it without the assisted travel though, especially at Kings cross or Paddington.

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Titian8 in reply to Rosepetal60

I use my left hand for most things currently but think I over compensate as sometimes it also gets really sore at the end of the day, particularly with gardening. However, travelling is not really a big problem as am lucky not to have other health issues. I don't even have any pain from osteoporosis so aware just how fortunate I am.

I'm in Scotland and had never heard of Dawlish so looked it up. Have visited Somerset years ago, as my sister lived in a place called Street and really liked it so one day hopefully I will visit some lovely places in Devon and Cornwall too.

I have a weighted vest (hypervest) which is brilliant in that it allows you to add over time weights which are really small - ingots of something like 2 ounces each, distributed over the torso. In terms of comfort there is no comparison between lugging weights around in a backpack and this very comfortable, adjustable, close to the body, vest. My vest holds ten pounds when all the ingots are in (at present I've worked up to about 8 lb) but body builders and other healthy strong people can double up the ingots so it carries a maximum of 20. You can start with as little as 2 ounces!


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elery in reply to HeronNS

I have looked at some of the research through the Hypervest website, and it appears that the vest did really well to improve BMD for the hips, but that it didn't help the spine. What has been your experience in improving spine BMD? That is where I need the most help, and am trying to understand which exercises will give me the most benefit. Am still walking to help hip/femur and overall wellness, but need something to target the spine.

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HeronNS in reply to elery

All of my t-scores improved between the two DXA scans. The only one which didn't was one vertebra, which stayed the same, but none of my t-scores were osteoporosis to begin with. I also do Nordic walking, which is supposed to improve upper body strength, and tai chi.

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elery in reply to HeronNS

Thank you. I will look into the Nordic walking.

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vintageone in reply to HeronNS

Not as much weight is necessary when the weight is applied directly to the body of the wearer, pressing down rather than pulling down (like when the weights hang on the garment) otvest.com/osteoporosis/

Thanks for the link HeronNZ, good to get the opinion from someone who uses one of these and recommends it. Also to hear that it's way better than putting weight inside a rucksack.

I will read all about it, but wonder do you also build up the time wearing the vest gradually, just as ingots are gradually increased or could you wear it all day for it to be extra beneficial?

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