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Getting osteoporosis at a young age

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Hi just found out I have osteoporosis after fracturing 5 vertebrae and having a dexa scan is it unusual to get it at 45 is anyone else in this boat

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People can get osteoporosis at any age for a variety of different reasons. However, it's more common for women to get osteoporosis after menopause. I'm sorry you've discovered you have it at a younger age. There's lots you can do to improve general health, muscle strength and nutrition to support bone health. As you're a younger age, if you're female, you could discuss HRT as an option with your doctor.

Your doctor needs to run a bunch of tests for "secondary causes" of osteoporosis. A problem with the parathyroid glands (nothing to do with thyroid), as one example, would need to be treated before any other therapy or treatment would work, as it could cause calcium to be leached from your bones.

Well said hyperparathyroidism has caused my osteoporosis 😔

Everytime i hear of someone being diagnosed with Osteoporosis I ask the same question. Have you ever had your blood calcium tested? There is a disease called hyperparathyroidism caused by excess excretion of the parathyroid glands which sit either side of the thyroid.due to either overgrowth of the tissueor because all 4 glands are over producing It controls the calcium being released by our bones. People with hyperparathyroidism are also difficient in vitamin d. If you havent already done so get your GP to test for high calcium high parathyroid hormone levels and low vitamin d from the same blood draw. It caused my osteoporosis. My surgeon advises my bone density will improve once ive had a parathyroidectomy.......just a thought !

Hi, I've just recently been diagnosed with Osteoporosis at the age of 33 through dexa scan. I'm struggling to find any advice or support for people my age. At the moment the specialist I recently had a consultation with has suggested health style factors in the first instance e.g. increasing vit D, calcium, reducing alcohol intake. Before taking any medical treatment.

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Haze62 in reply to cat_87

Hi thereI have just been diagnosed age 55 after 4 fractures. I am fit and active, love trekking etc and just started teriparatide after vertibroplasty- has anyone got any hints on how to keep the meds cold whilst trekking?

Hoping to go in Summer - 5 days without a fridge ....Consultant says fine to walk and lots sun so should be good -

Hi cat 87 did you get diagnosed after having a fracture?

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cat_87 in reply to Donna03

Hi Donna03, I had actually had a scan in November at the end of last year because of Amenorrhea, and while waiting results I did actually happen to have a bad fracture of the wrist which required surgery.

Hello Donna03

Very sorry to read your news, are you managing pain, movement and sleeping with the fractures?

I had dexa scan every 5 years from being 35 - reason being poor diet due to food intolerances, the consultant at the time said my OS was as much to do with family history as the poor diet. I did manage to stay on the Osteopenia/Osteoporosis boarder for years and managed with vitamins and calcium and exercises. The only fractures at that time where not considered to be OS related and as a result of a road traffic accident. I started taking medication post menopausal 20 years later.

I would hope that now you and Cat..87 might be able to find others either through this site or ROS. I couldn't find many peer when I first knew I had OS though I did meet two other girls through at the hospital who both had bone issues relating to pregnancy. - I was told you can get osteoporosis at any age but all I could find 28 years ago seem to be focused on older people.

Good luck

Posy White

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Donna03 in reply to Posy-White

Thank you for your reply and it most have been hard to go start with it at 35 I think the reason I have it is because started my menopause at 37 so was early on set and was unable to take her do to medical reasons it's good to hear your not on your own

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