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My 3rd infusion is due in October 2021 . I spoke to the Rheumatology Consultant in Oct 2020 and he said then that after my 3rd infusion he would review my case and probably discharge me from Rheumatology. He thought that no further treatment would help and advised strengthening muscles in my back and trying to take as few pain killers as possible!

I'm still in pain particularly after standing for any length of time also bowel issues everything squashed in due to kyphosis. I don't feel happy about being discharged from the Rheumatology Dept. It would take for ever to be referred back to them via GP if I had any ongoing issues with Osteoporosis. In my case I saw the Consultant privately in 2019 and he then transferred me over to NHS .

I'm presuming I'll have another Dexa scan this year or will I have to ask for one to be done , otherwise I'll have no idea if the infusion has helped or not.

After the 3rd infusion what happens next regarding any treatment , I just read another post saying you can wait for two years and then start infusions again but that can cause more problems with bones. Has anyone had experience of finishing the infusions and what happened next in their particular case. Thank you.

I've found this site very informative and helpful in addressing the sort of questions we all have but we can't obtain answers from the medical professionals particularly now with Covid.

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Hello Teresa,It is very easy to start to worry about where are we going next with our treatments.

Your consultant has said he will review you which will give you the opportunity to talk about all your concerns.

The time between dexa scans does vary with individuals, it seems that much is taken into account. For example if a patient is having multiple fractures or is losing bone very quickly then a dexa scan will be given more often.

It is usual after a course of treatment to be given a dexa as the consultants are just as eager as ourselves to find out how effective the treatment has been.

If a patient has severe osteoporosis it is usual to be offered another treatment whilst having a drug holiday from Bisphosponates.

Perhaps if you do not feel happy after asking your questions at your next appointment then your gp could make another referral to see a different specialist.

You may benefit by attending a pain managment clinic, referrals are usually done through the orthopaedic dept .

I am sure you will not be left high and dry, where osteoporosis is concerned once doctors have you they do not let go very easily, they are very keen to protect the bones if it is necessary.

Take care and try to put it out of your mind until your next appointment in October.

Thank you for your reply I think I will make a list of questions to ask at the review , it's annoying to come away and think bother I meant to ask whatever! I hope by November we're back to face to face consultations rather than the phone appointments.

Hi Teresa. Try Pure Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides. It should help for the pain as well as bones. Types 1 and 3 (usually combined)

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