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Should I be concerned that many of my joints have recently started clicking/popping?

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I'm a 57 year old man with a normal diet. I have severe osteoporosis. I had a spinal fracture last year and I have a torn meniscus that has been diagnosed in one of my knees - both of these are being "managed". Recently many of my joints have started clicking/popping without any accompanying pain. I know individual joints that click/pop are not unusual but could the fact that my ankles, knees, hips and elbows all pop be a sign of something I should investigate?

7 Replies
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I don't have any medical qualifications but I wonder if it could be osteoarthritis. It would be worth asking your dr though.

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kmonk in reply to MollyStark

Mollystark thanks for your response. Osteoarthritis is something that has been tested for by my GP although I'll ask the question again.

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MollyStark in reply to kmonk

I would definitely check. It could be down to general wear and tear but best to find out.

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Hi I get this all the time especially when I am stretching my limbs before getting into and out of bed .My ankles , knees and toes all crack as do my arms, shoulders,wrists and fingers . I believe is called ‘crepitus’ and is the popping of air bubbles that have formed between joints. I do a lot of exercise and from what I have read it is common in people who regularly stretch their joints, it also gets worse with age .Sometimes it is hereditary so other members of your family might be popping too. It is not known to cause arthritis.BUT If you are concerned about the frequency of the popping or if you are having any pain then you should discuss with your GP.

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kmonk in reply to Maggie6

Hi maggie6. Yes, I've read about crepitus, but mine seems to have "come on" quite suddenly and in the various joints all together. It's that which makes me feel it's rather odd. For me it occurs at any time and is not related to doing a lot of exercise (unfortunately).

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Maggie6 in reply to kmonk

If you have discounted the obvious reason for your joints popping then I’d definitely speak to your GP as it could be a problem with your ligaments ,bones or even a mineral deficiency . Do let us know how you get on .

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Have you checked vitamin D levels and what are they?

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