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Aclasta infusion.

This is my 4th day following zolendronic acid infusion and I thought I would share how this has been for me. I was very resistant to having further treatment having stopped taking alendronic acid due to side effects. However, after recent DEXA scan showed fracture in T9 and after much discussion I agreed to go ahead with the zolendronic acid infusion.

The infusion was given over an hour with it being my first one. I had drunk plenty of water beforehand and was also given a jug of water to drink during infusion. My BP, temperature and pulse were taken before, during and afterwards. When the infusion was finished it was followed by some saline to wash last of the zolendronic acid through.

I felt fine during this, and was well enough afterwards to drive myself the short distance home. Over the next two days I felt tired, fuzzy headed and not firing on all cylinders. I don’t know whether this was due to infusion or not but I am feeling much brighter today. I have had no other side effects so far.

I appreciate we all react differently to things, and we also have to make our own decisions about the way forward, but I hope my experience may help reassure those about to have infusion. I am 75 years old and am sole carer to my husband who has had Parkinson’s for 20 years.

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Well done Cook1703, I'm glad it went well for you. Are you also taking a calcium and D3 supplement, such as AdcalD£? I get it on prescription from my GP. But you can buy similar quite cheaply.

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Thank you poemsgalore1.

Yes, I’m taking Adcal-D3 - it was prescribed after I fell and broke my hip, I know you have had 3 infusions - did you feel very tired at first?

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I wouldn't notice really as I get terrible fatigue from my many conditions.

Thanks for posting. It’s good to hear some positive reports in case I ever decide to move forward with an infusion.

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with everyone. I too had the similar feeling after, 2nd time round was slightly worse but all good after a few days. There is a lot of negativity around this treatment so great to be positive xxx good luck

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Thank you Mandynelson. It’s difficult coming to a decision and we all have to do what we think best but hopefully a positive experience may help when trying to decide what to do. Best wishes.

Thank you so much for posting a positive comment, it was very pleasing to hear as I am shortly to have my first infusion, age 74. I have been putting it off as I have been waiting for the results of tests for other ailments but now it looks as though I have to "bite the bullet" .

Best wishes for the future. X

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Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I kept putting it off for years but in the end decided to go with it. It is so difficult stepping into the unknown and we can only do what we think best for ourselves. I just thought a positive experience may help when someone is considering pros and cons. Best wishes.

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I am having to consider this now, so am very pleased to hear you are doing Okay

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Thank you. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Thank you, it really did. I will post on here when I've had the first one.

Can I ask what area you live in? X

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It will be good to hear how you get on - good luck. I live in the Greater Manchester area.

It will be good to hear how you get on - good luck. I live in the Greater Manchester area.

Thank you. I will be phoning the Consultant's secretary at the end of the week to arrange it. She previously told me an appointment would be made quite quickly 🤔. I'm just in Devon but our nearest hospital is in Somerset.

Glad you are getting along OK with the infusion. I only tried the weekly AA tablet, so have no experience of infusions.

Best wishes

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Hi LynneH-19, I am 5 days post infusion and am feeling fine, so far, so good. I did try the weekly AA tablets but stopped these due to side effects that is why I was reluctant to go on zolendronic acid with it also being a biphosphonate. At the moment I am feeling fine - long may it last. Best wishes.

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How are you doing after the zolondronic infusion now

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Thank you for your message. I'm a bit concerned as soon I come to the end of my 2 year course Forsteo injections and am worried about going back on Prolia but know I have to go on to some. The lovely specialist Nurse at ROS helpline talk me through possible options that the Consultant might be considering - zolendronic acid infusion was something which, was mentioned.

Thank you for sharing your positive experience, so good to hear.

Best Wishes

Posy White

It is a minefield and coming to a decision about what to do for the best is difficult. I decided after much thought and discussion to go ahead with the Aclasta infusion. I refused to go on Prolia. Apart from feeling tired this week, I have not had any side effects. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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