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Good morning, I would like to have some explanations about my results: Moc confirmed femoral T-score 2,6 and vertebral T-score 3,2. Morphometric study confirmed anterior reduction of d7 vertebral body (4 mm). Vitamin d3 level resulted 9,7. Which is the diagnosis and what do you suggest? I'm 54 years old and suffer from eating disorder (bulimic anorexia) and I'm 1,62 mt x 45 Kg weight.

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Maybe you could ring the NOS helpline 0808 800 0035

Free osteoporosis helpline

. The nurses are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. This is a free number .

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poorbone in reply to Hidden

thank you

That is a good response from poemsgalore, if you reside in the UK.

Welcome to the Forum.

I agree that the NOS could be helpful to you. Although if you live outside the UK, I’ve no idea how convenient that would be for you.

What does your doctor advise you to do?

I’m not completely sure how to interpret the information you have given. If your T scores are minus 2.6 and minus 3.2, it would indicate OP. I’m not familiar with morphometric studies. Have you broken bones yet?

Whether your vit D3 blood level is 9.7 nmol/L, or 9.7 ng/ml, your level is very low and needs addressing with D3. Your doctor who arranged the blood test, should organise this for you.

Is your eating disorder still ongoing? If so, you MUST get help to overcome this, either from a knowledgeable GP, or Specialist in eating disorders.

There is sure to be a specific Forum dealing with this. I also use the National OP Inspire forum. Although that is for Osteoporosis, some members have OP due to eating disorders, so you may want to compare notes with them. I think Inspire also have associated Forums for other conditions.

Good luck and best wishes.

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