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About Alendronic Injection

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Have just joined and find it most interesting hearing all the different views. My doctor has suggested me having the Alendronic Acid injection but I am very reluctant in view of all the side effects. I know not everyone gets these but I am 86 and feeling quite well and think what am I letting myself in for. I have had several fractures over the years but have not been on any treatment for just over a year now because my last bone density scan was quite reasonable. I was on Fossemax tablets for quite a few years amongst other drugs so it has been nice not to be on anything. The thing is I must be very careful not to fall. I know nobody can tell me what to do but I wonder if I am being stupid. From Adian.

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Hello Adian. Has anything changed since your last scan for your doctor to want you to go back on medication? If you're not sure about having the injection it might be worth talking to the nurses at the National Osteoporosis Society, who people find are very helpful. Their number is 0808 800 0035 (freefone). If you read some of the posts on this forum, you'll see there are mixed views about taking bisphosphonates (alendronic acid is one of them), particularly long term. I've just had a look at the NICE guidelines and if I've understood correctly, it's usually recommended to have a bisphosphonate "holiday" for 2 years and then review. Also, if you've been fracturing despite taking bisphosphonates it may be helpful to refer you to a specialist to consider other types of medication. It's definitely worth discussing your options with your GP and a chat to the NOS nurses beforehand might help you go armed with some useful information.

Hello Adian, no your not being stupid. I take Alendronic (tablet form) and so far have no side effects. N yes you must be careful to take things slowly and not fall. I,m over 20 years younger and i must learn to as well! 😊 Broken bones are no joke are they? Make sure you have at least 3 Calcium rich foods a. Day too. Maybe a yogurt, piece of Cheese n egg or milky drink. That's what my Dr advised. Good luck with it. 😊✌️🌻

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adian in reply to Dubba61

Thank you so much for your reply. Reading other comments about the Alendronic Acid injection seem quite reassuring. I do have a good diet with all the foods you mention on a regular basis. However I am not mad about the idea of the injection and feel when in doubt leave it out. I will discuss it again with the rheumatologist when I see him although if the doctors suggest a drug they don't like it when you question it. Anyway I will see. Thank you once again. It is so nice to hear all the different comments and share problems with people who have the same problems.

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