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New member, recently started on Alendronic Acid 70mg

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Hi everyone, following a recent chest ct scan (for asthma) I’ve been told I have a slight fracture in one of my vertebrae and showing signs of osteoporosis.

My Gp put me on AA 70mg straight away and Advil-D3.

I was sent for a dexa scan last week and await the results.

In the meantime, my right hip, groin and thigh have been aching quite badly and now my thumb joints and arms are affected too.

The pain started shortly after beginning the new meds and having read about the side effects of AA in particular, I find it quite scary and I am now worried and feel very reluctant to take any more.

Have any of you had similar problems and have you found a natural alternative to taking Alendronic Acid?

I’d be very greatful to hear about your experiences. Thanks in advance.

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Your GP started you on AA, without even seeing the results of a DEXA bone density scan?? Sigh!

IF your vertebrae were weakened, you'd likely benefit from Sinaki's back extension exercise done once or twice a week (she's published peer reviewed studies clearly showing how it reduces vertebrae fracture likelihood).

Beware heavy loads (& even your body's weight), when your spine's not in its natural and protective 'S' curve configuation. (that is, avoid more than tripling the strain on your spine, as for example, bending forward puts the stress on the forward edge of your vertebrae). Practice 'squats' to strenghten your thigh muscles to make squatting much easier.

~wbic, member bonehealth forum

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Thank you for this information.

Hi Sing-song, this makes me so mad! GPs grrrrIt was recommended to me to start AA after a DEXA scan following a shoulder fracture last May. I have discovered since that my hips are OK but I'm out of the normal range for spine. Afterwards I panicked! Consumed with fear etc! Don't be! I declined the AA and started my research which is what you must do. I found the "Save Our Bones" website (even if you look at their free starter pack). Since then looked at Algaecal website and now through this brilliant forum the Sinaki stuff from reply below.

I feel I was nearly a victim of Big Pharma... It's difficult to go against advice from your GP but armed with your own clinical research it's easier to have the confidence to do so. Good luck!

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Thank you so much HummingBird.The pain and weakness in both my arms got so bad last night, I couldn’t get out the bath. My husband had to lift me out.

I can’t use my right arm at all today and I couldn’t get a Gp appt until tomorrow morn.

I am not taking any more of the AA medication. I’ve taken 3 doses in the last 3 weeks. I just hope and pray this pain and weakness will eventually go.

in the meantime I will look at all the info I can find in order to help myself. I very much appreciate your reply/advice and hope you are ok.

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I'm good! Feel fine for taking things under my control. If you search on here for AA I'm sure you will find info etc and other's experiences. Also Google COMB - for micronutrients for bone health. GPs have no idea on the complexity of bone chemistry. Mine told me to eat more cheese - if only it was as simple as though! Xxx

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Thank you so much 😊 x

I would see an endocrinologist to see if anything medical is causing osteoporosis, so those issues cam be addressed. In the meantime I would maintain a healthy bone diet and exercise program until you get the advice of a professional in the field and not a general practitioner GP..

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Thank you for your thoughts on the subject. Much appreciated.

Update, my Gp has taken blood for testing for polymyalgia rheumatica!!Doesn’t think it’s anything to do with my taking AA.

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HeronNS in reply to Sing-Song

As muscle and joint pain is a known side effect of AA, well....

Have a look at this for some other ideas on how to proceed:

Good luck! 🍀

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Sing-Song in reply to HeronNS

Thank you HeronNSWhat a wealth of information you have provided !!!

Very worthwhile reading!! You’re very kind to share it with me. 🙏

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You are more than welcome. All the best.

Another update.. it’s not polymyalgia rheumatica. Gp has now referred me to Rheumatology and respects my decision to stop taking the AA...I only took them for 3 weeks but the pains in my joints were so debilitating and painful. So glad I joined this group, thanks everyone, I’m learning a lot !!

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