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Zolendronic Acid

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Just wondering if anyone has had the Zolendronic Acid injection, I couldn't tolerate the Risedronate or AA and wondering if I will have the same side effects from the injection, muscle, joint and bone pains. I'm on my 14th fracture now and need something, at only 50 I have no life never mind quality of life.



12 Replies

Like you, I couldn't cope with AA or Risedronate, my Rheumy nurse suggested Zolendronic Acid. I had my first October 2016. It took about one hour, maybe less. I had no side effects or after pains. I also take 2 Adcal D3, and my blood test results are so good, I don't need to have my next one until July 2018. All the best. xxx

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Thank you for this good to know. I'm on Adcal D3 twice a day as well. xx

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Lilact in reply to mandynelson50

I have been prescribed aa but I would sooner take an injection may be thrre is less side effects ??

What do you all think

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Kaarina in reply to Lilact

Possibly, Lilact, as with an injection it would bypass the gut. Problem being that if it does not suit, you have to wait until the injection "wears off" and hopefully any side effects then may lessen but I hear from other people's experience this is not always the case. When taking a pill, you can stop and at least feel you are trying to help yourself if the medication is giving problems.

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mandynelson50 in reply to Kaarina

Ive been warned that i might have the same side effects and as you say just have to ride the storm until they wear off. fingers crossed.

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Hi I have had the second infusion of Zolondronic acid February gone no side effects next one due Feb 2018. Also on Acccrete D3...I also take magnesium and K2....like you i had 14 fractures one after the other ,spinal ones..2015...I had had two prior to that but doctors took no notice...I went from being a semi retired person very active dancing four nights to not being able to do anything 75...now semi mobile learning how to do things in a different way...I am also self funding with a physio I have been all the time..no help from from GP in anything...there is life with osteoporosis but you have to look for it. Xxxxx

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my first foot fracture was when i was 42, they put it down to a running injury i argued and stamped my broken foot after the 4th to get a DEXA scan, think they did it to shut me up then snapped their gobs shut when they saw the -3.5 result at only 45, its been getting progressively worse but i cant tolerate anything and the Demsuab - spelt better - injection has latex in it which puts me into anaphylaxis. THe Zolondronic is only for menopausal women but its my last resort. as now breaking bones every 2-3 months on no impact. Second displaced fracture this year. Fingers crossed this will help but they not entirely hopeful :( xox

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jennifer15 in reply to mandynelson50

Would you have taken demsuab ( prolia) if it did not have latex in it? Did you do any research on it? I have just been prescribed it as alendronic acid was not good as I have had gastric, reflux for 15 years. I have doubts though.

Many thanks, Jenny

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mandynelson50 in reply to jennifer15

It was the only available option until we discovered the latex link after having to apply to Health Board for approval because of my age

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Just to say I had the zolendronic acid infusion in august, slight flu like symptoms for a couple of days and then felt fine. Good luck, hope it works.

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mandynelson50 in reply to Jess21

10 days on feeling ok up to now ached all over almost like I could feel it going into bones. Thanks

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Glad you’re ok now. Hope you don’t get any more fractures! Let us know how it goes x

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