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Bone Health
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Bone scan or risk assessment

I've not posted on this forum before, but I have to be aware of osteoporosis after breast cancer treatment 3 1/2 yrs ago.

I had a DEXA scan in 2014 when treatment finished, results then said I'm at intermediate risk of fractures and to have another scan in 3 - 5 yrs time, which brings me to my question.

GP referred me for another scan 2 weeks ago, as i haven't heard anything I've just rung the hospital to be told my referral has been rejected as it's not due for another 2 years, at that point i need to be re referred possibly for a risk assessment as opposed to a scan, should i be concerned about this delay.

Any help and advice on this is gratefully received.

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I wonder if it might be worth your while to contact the National Osteoporosis Society Helpline for a chat about this as well as informing your GP of the rejection so that the GP can follow up?


(Questions about osteoporosis and bone health,

information and support from specialist nurses)

E: nurses@nos.org.uk

T: FREEPHONE 0808 800 0035

Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri 9.00am – 5pm.

Tues 9am – 7pm

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Thank you for the information, and, ironically, the first thing i thought about when i put the phone call was to ring and leave a message for GP, so I'll do that tomorrow

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I hope that your GP has a positive response to a follow-up and/or that you've had a helpful chat with NOS.


It is nonsense making you wait - I was told I had to have scan every 12/18 months. Get on to your GP, and say you need it now. If that fails, I found my MEP was very helpful - perhaps because as he lives in Brussels he sees what better care they give patients there!


I have DEXA scan every 2 years. I take Adcal D3 and annual Zolendronic acid infusions, plus a fasting blood test which checks out CTx Vit D U&E bone profile GFR. I don't know what all these tests tell them, some are obvious, but perhaps you should ask about getting some of these tests done.


Hello, not aware that a blood test was available did GP do this as matter of course or did you request it. Reason for asking recently stopped taking AA not sure if causing issues with throat, waiting to see GP but looking for natural alternatives and wonder if this blood test would help in my search thanks Kentie


My rheumatologist - who is under control of my Osteoporosis, organised it after my GP tried me on AA then Risedronate, before starting me on Zolendronic infusions.


Many thanks


Hi, Jennymary

I Was told only today by dexascan consultant that following scan last May resulting in a confirmed diagnosis of Oesteosporosis that my next scan should be within 2 years. I wasn't told this by GP at time just prescribed Meds but will raise this at next appointment. Hope this helps, wish you well Kentie


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