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I'm Sandra. In 2015 I was diagnosed with OP. Took Alendronic medication for a few weeks. Then a week before my 60th birthday and retirement , developed double vision and had a possible stroke. Prior to the OP diagnosis I have always been fit and well. I stopped the Alendronic for fear there may be a connection between it and the stroke. My Rheumatology nurse suggests I should have an infusion instead and that their is no connection.

Is anyone able to share their experience of an infusion?

Many thanks .

12 Replies
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Hi I had an infusion in October last year I didn't have any side effects from it , you get it yearly for 3 then check with a dexa scan if it is helping . I couldn't take Alendronic Acid for the bad side effects it gave me . Hope this helps you .

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Sandylil in reply to Bacardi

Thank you for your reply. I will seriously consider it .

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Gilli1234 in reply to Bacardi

Can I ask what side effects to the Alendronic acid you experienced?

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Bacardi in reply to Gilli1234

Hi I had bad stomach pain along with bad reflux , I persevered for 3 months hopping it would pass with no luck . When I saw the rheumatologist she said I should never have been on it as I have a hitius hernia .

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Hi Barcardi, I am very interested in your post. I started taking Fosavance in November and for the last few weeks have reflux . Wasnt sure what was wrong first, as my upper tummy was iffy and it seemed to me it was like a fluttering. That was checked out to be negative for heart and lungs. I did mention the Fosavance but the doctor dismissed it. So anyhow stopped taking them. I do have a little discomfort and I think like you I have a hiatus hernia. Back to my onc tomorrow for check up for Ovarian Cancer, so hoping he will order me ct scan to see what is going on in my tummy. All the best

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Hi hope you get some answers , my GP asked me to percever with the Alendronic Acid till I saw the rhumatololigst and when I told her about the problems I was having she was shocked I had been prescribed it considering I had a hitius hernia . She spoke it over with me and we decided to go for the infusion to help strengthen my bones as I have 3 wedge fractures . I had no side effects so will jab the course . Take care .

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Sandylil in reply to Bacardi

Thank you for your message. I have put my name down to have it done. Hope all goes well with you.

I had my first infusion in December. Haven't had any problems that I noticed.

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Sandylil in reply to

That is good to hear. Thank you for your reply .

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Oh dear you have had a bad time. I too am waiting to see consultant re infusion and, like you, want to know something about it. Pam

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Rosepetal60 in reply to 1pam

I found a patient information leaflet about it online that was informative.

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Sandylil in reply to 1pam

That sounds good. Could you let me have the details please?

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