What happened to the old NOS forum?

I came to the NOS website to see it had changed (OK) and to see the forum archived as view only. I have joined here now to see what it's like.

I was diagnosed as a 50 year old male (bit younger actually I think) due to vertebral fractures in T5/T6 area. After many many years on AA I had it stopped by a GP who thought I had been on far too long and anyway the effects of AA hang on for years after stopping it. My last DEXA was 'not bad' worst T score being -1.3. I still take Natecal D3 and additional 800IU Vit D3 (seemingly necessary as I have taken anti-epileptic medications for 40 years which affects vit D).

Anyway quick intro, also quick comment...I don't see the forum divided into topics or subjects - seems random.

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  • Hi Rob,

    I used to look in on the other forum and occasionally post. I agree this forum is not structured like the other one. It is random.. A real shame it was decided by NOS to close down the other forum in early January of this year.

  • Hi Kaarina,

    I just had a look back at the old one again. Are there any of the original people here who used to be regular contributors? Sarah W was one I can think of just now and Kelly (something). I tried to use my original forum name here but it was taken. Naturally I thought the memberships would just have moved across to this new one but no. It looks like there might have been trouble with spammers some time back. I know that can decimate a forum. Maybe there's better controls with this one.

  • Hi Rob,

    I have a feeling that the people you mention were not interested in joining this forum for various reasons one being it was not structured and I think some of them were hoping to meet up on the NOF (USA) forum. Lynne H's post entitled

    "Posted on the NOF forum to announce the closure of this Forum and the...." on the old forum may be of some help to you in locating the others. If you look back on the old forum I am sure you will find the posting.

  • Hi rob54new. Only discovered the closure today because I was sorting through my favourites list. I was shocked to find the nos had closed the forum, but at least it is still on the scene being here and the old site can still be used for researching. Some years ago, as "April " I used to reply regularly on the nos forum and post occasionally. So I remember AnneB as well as Sarah W and Kelly. I've been on Healthunlocked now for I think about 2 years. And have joined several communities including Pain concern. I am Rosepetal60 on here. Hope to see you around

  • It's not the first time they have closed their website down. I think this last one was number three. I think spammers were the main problem. It often came up as a topic some years ago. There was a long gap after number 2 website finished and number 3 website starting up. I brought the subject up at an AGM one year in Nottingham. I do agree there needs to be at least another separate catorgary on here probably on drugs because new drugs come out every so often and up to date info is needed to be seen etc.

  • full details here: forum.nos.org.uk/23346/Join...

    Check under Frequently asked questions

    Many posts are still accessible.

    If you look to the right you will see a list of forum Topics, no doubt more will be added later if requested.

    To contact the administrators, click on about, then scroll down and click on the administrator you wish to contact / send a message to.

  • I too preferred the old NOS forum. But maybe it was just because I was used to it and 'knew' some of the posters on there. Not that it was perfect of course!!

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