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Don't know if anyone else has had this problem. After visiting my physiotherapist trying to get me fit before my knee replacement I was suffering worse back pain than usual. She told me to go to my doctor and ask to be sent to pain clinic and didn't treat me that day as it was so bad. Have a big problem with my back. Can't walk properly after broken hip. Making it worse. Doctors visit was very uncomfortable. He said what does SHE know. Trying to bundle problems onto me. Then he said you,'ve got Osteophites, Arthritis and Osteoporosis, as if to say what do you expect. He would not send me to the pain clinic as she suggested. I was sent to my physiotherapist by my consultant. Doctor reluctantly sent me for an x ray, which is at least something. I was and still am very up set upset by this. Should I still visit him for results and tell him how unpleasant he was.

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  • Unable to give any advice, but I've had a tough time over the last year at a hospital I've attended for 40 yes. I've ended up sending a letter with my unresolved issues, which I've asked for them to reply in writing before my next appt, the reply I've received this week says the consultant will endeavour to answer them in clinic at my next appt, so it may be worth sending doctor a letter stating your issues, good luck

  • Thank you for your reply. I feel I must tell him that he wasn't very nice to me. Make him realize that you can't talk to patients like that. I wouldn't have gone if not for the physiotherapist telling me to. She said on my next appointment, which is Monday she wants to know what,s happened. Hope she reports it to my consultant.

  • Hi henabien

    I am wondering if it would have been more professional if your physiotherapist had written to your consultant and copied in your GP or faxed them both, rather than sending you back to your GP as messenger.

    I feel you should go back to your GP for the x-ray result and put your thoughts politely in writing rather than only having a conversation with him about how you feel this has all been handled.

  • I agree your physio should have written a letter to your doctor before you went back or given you a letter for him at least.

  • Thank you for your replies. I hadn't thought of it like that. I will speak to him when I go back for results. Normally he,s very nice. I would probably rather speak to him. I felt to upset before. Thanks.

  • Yes hundred percent

  • I would go back to him for the results and just say I would like any help available on the NHS to help me through the pain I am dealing with day to day. If the doc doesn't suggest anything that may help, ask for referral to hydrotherapy, with hydro you will get instruction on exercise in warm water which is bound to be of some help for you. Ask again about the pain clinic if the hydro referral is refused.

    You could of course say to the doctor I insist you refer me for hydro and get a hydro assessment of your symptoms and difficulties and advise you (the doc) of hydro team recommendations.

    If your doc is still unhelpful I would not see that doc any more and try another doctor.

    I can understand how upset you felt it is upsetting when you go to a doctor for help and you don't get any help,

    Hope you find better care and improvement in your pain management.

    All the best Bkin

  • That's not very nice I would complain you know how much discomfort your in ask to see another doctor

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