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I have just been diagnosed. I have extremely bad pain and have not been advised on what to do about it yet. I take painkillers (mild) for other problems, these don't really help, what help is common for pain? I only had confirmation today of the problem (28.12.16). Any information would be helpful whilst I come to terms and learn more about my condition. Thanks, Phillip.


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  • I'm so sorry you have so much pain. You don't say how old you are, where the pain is, how long you've been in pain. Osteoporosis itself doesn't cause pain, but if you have compression fractures in your spine they can press on nerves and cause pain. There are things doctors and physiotherapists can do to help relieve that pain. I don't think it's a good idea to take a lot of painkillers, especially the kinds that can harm your stomach if you are not careful, but taking something for a few days to see you through a bad spell should do no harm. Check with a pharmacist what might be effective until you can get back to your doctor for advice about treatment.

    Sometimes people feel better with application of either heat or cold (seems to vary with the individual, I usually do well with heat). Something to relax the area, as you may have muscle spasms which are causing more pain. Also you may have referred pain, so pain in the hip, for example, can originate in the spine. Keep nice and snug.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you for your reply, I am 56 and have a problem with compression fractures in my spine following a long stay in hospital with chronic pancreatitis and other complications. My pain has become more intense over the last 2 months hence my post, I am due to see a consultant in 3 weeks I hope he also will have some guidance. The difficulty is trying to do simple things such as making a cup of tea!

    I am trying to keep the pain killers in check but it is so difficult at times. I will try the warm technique in the area to see if that helps.

    Again, thank you, Phillip.

  • You should try butrans patch

  • I have a fentanal patch for pain along with the usual over the counter meds, day to day things don't seem to be improving I am sure it can only get better. I will let you know how I get on. Phillip.

  • Oh dear, yes inactivity can be a "killer". I had a broken leg a couple of winters ago and I think that set me on a path to bone thinning, although I didn't get as bad as you. I have since managed to increase my bone density through diet and exercise. Please let us know how you get on. I found some physiotherapy advice very helpful, and the therapist I go to now has done some very gentle manipulation on my spine to help release the compressed nerves. There may be exercises you can do which will help strengthen the muscles which support the spine. But all of this will have to be monitored by a professional.

  • Some very good advice from HeronNS.

    Do check in with NOS Helpline when they reopen again, details of email and telephone contact (see Christmas post)

    Hydrotherapy treatment can help, either through NHS local hospital with trained medical staff to instruct on movements (you will need to get a referral through your GP or consultant). Local swim pools may have these also but without the medical professional instruction advice (although you may get this by speak with physiotherapist) and then of course there is the hot tub / bath if your spinal fractures can tolerate the home bath situation.

    Along with Hot water bottle, wheat bags applied to the area of pain, (if the pain responds to heat) I've always found a heat pad useful too for easing pain.

    Hope you can get some pain relief real soon.

    Best wishes Bkin

  • The heat approach seems to be a good idea, at the moment I need the energy and strength to organise it. Regards Phillip

  • Being microwave free I have to use an old fashioned hot water bottle. But I see this marvelous magic pad which pops in a microwave and can be draped over whatever afflicted body part needs it. I could buy one at my local pharmacy if I could use it. :)

  • Maybe start with a amazon shop for a heat pad, that just needs plugging in to a power source near where you are sitting or laying. The one I have is Dreamland, it has an auto shut off after about 15 mins so it doesn't matter if you dose off and various heat settings.

    Best wishes Phillip

  • Thank you, I think I will give this a try. Phillip

  • This is the wheat bag that I have used on my neck, knee (one or the other knee), shoulder countless times a few years ago. Really helpful with pain. Only problems is it does not keep warm so long.

    A hot water bottle keeps the heat longer.

  • I know nothing about this, I'll look it up on the net Thanks. Phillip.

  • Hi Phillip, it is heated by popping it in the microwave. :)

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