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hi everyone, i'm just a little bit worried about my condition regarding lumbar spine or anything that related to spine disease. i had a little curve in my lumbar spine and the doctor didn't tell me much about it and i just started my physiotheraphy last week. i had a symptom of lower back pain, 'c' curve shaped when i sit or stand, and uneven shoulder and legs. can anyone tell me more detail for what exactly the problem that i had? its good if you can share your stories that maybe will help me with my problem. tq

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Hello I have the same problems and have just found this sight , hope to find some tips / answers, I will forward to you if I do .


thank you for your concern. i already quit my physiotherapy since it didn't help me a lot. the physiotherapist really quite disappointing me when i asked about my real situation and prob but they can't answer me and they didn't know about my real situation. so i didn't find any solution and i feel like i wasting my time doing 'all and that' but it didn't work. so i just quit it like that. i will try another way. beside, i never met specialist before to refers about this since the first dr. that check me up says that it's nothing and she didn't take me to specialist. maybe i will try to refer at another hospital and i hope i will find some dr. that will take it seriously.


It's a pity your physiotherapist didn't seem very knowledgeable about your condition. I assume it's something like scoliosis or stenosis? A physiotherapist should be able to give you exercises to do at home which strengthen the muscles which support the spine. They also have treatments they can give you, although not all will be trained in all techniques. My physiotherapist told me the muscles on either side of my spine had "bad tone" - they were too tense. She gave me something called "dry needling", look it up on google, which has helped, as well as new exercises and when I see her she often does a little very gentle (not like a chiropractor) manipulation.


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