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The dreaded drug

This morning is week 8 of Alendronic acid. Have a routine that's working well , take it with 1/2 pint tap water that has been left covered overnight that way no shocks to tum,start timer30 mins, go for LONG shower . Then take thyroxin restart timer , when rings take prednesalone + co-co-codamol

Only side effects headache build-up through morning hence co-codamol keeps it at bay legs a bit weak in afternoon I was dreading taking this . It's a pain having to wait for my coffee on the other 6days have thyroxin beside bed take it between 5-6 when I sort of come to then back to sleep. So all in all its going ok

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Just came across this posting, and wondered how you are getting on? How long will you have to continue this morning performance?


Will have to carry on this every Sunday for 2-5years depending on bone scan mid 2018. Been a rough 6month's I have scar tissue build up in neck due to surgery 35 years ago been having scans every 6months for 6years or so . Went to hospital March as normal to find things not looking right on last scan so have spent this year beening turned inside out and put in machines hate MRI s .

My care has been great all consultants working together last Friday got all clear from big C man, rumatolagist has gone over reduction with me this month on 8mg , next month 7/8mg and so on . Osteoporosis early stage showed in December family history not good have it on both sides mum one of 5 girls and 3boys 6have developed this dad's side grandmother had it.

Just picking myself up and getting on with life writing this sitting out side our classic motorhome(MAY) on a site only 10 miles from home bring a mobil internet with us but no phone siginal ,Pete fishing about 20 yards away . I read ,sew, walk round lake , as my granddaughter tells me take a chill pill Nan. I was very frightend of this drug



I'm glad to hear that you are being looked after well. Take your granddaughter's advice! But here's a little thing to add to her suggestion, perhaps. I've used this technique to help me get through various physical ailments, and also to encourage my body to be healthy. When you have a quiet time, I do this when I'm walking but you'll find your own space, just take a couple of normal but deep breaths, then the next time you breath, through your nose, hold that breath and visualize, imagine if you will, health being directed at whatever body part is of concern that day. When you exhale, through your mouth, visualize the toxins escaping out with the breath. I usually take a few more normal breaths, then repeat this a few times. I don't know why it works but it's helped me a lot.

You paint an idyllic picture. What a nice relaxing place it seems.


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