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34 osteoporosis vertebral fractures how to cope where to gt help

I am 34 I hav just been diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis I have 2 compression fractures I have fractures in my wrist knee and both ankles.  Iv been on prednisolone for 12 years at a high dose and had a surgical menopause with no hormone replacement t age 29.  Ive had regular dexa scans but 2 years ago it was low normal now this.  Ive been in hospital for 4 weeks now I cant go back to my home because of safety  I have severe asthma and its causing me issues with that due to lung expansion.

I also have 2 children and one is autistic/SPD/ADHD/dyspraxic I have been advised not to look after him on my own as he can become aggressive. My parents are great but husband is not any help at all.  I don't know where to turn any suggestions greatly received.

Many Thanks


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Have you called the NOS Helpline for a chat about your circumstances? They might be able to give you some appropriate guidance.

Contact details:


Hi Kathryn, sorry to read about your problems, do you or your son,  have a social worker who may be able to help, or do you have a specialist nurse to help with your health problems you could approach to see if they can give you any support/advice, i'm sending love and hugs your way as that's the only help I can offer x


Enquire with your local social services department whether you would be entitled to any help with   care for either yourself or child with special needs 


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