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Sore ribs

I would really appreciate some insight into my situation.

I went for a friend's birthday a few days ago, and my dress was tight, like really tight , ofcourse I had a little too much to drink ( yay) and fell asleep in said dress. I was uncomfortable throughout the night because it was really tight on waist up.

I woke up the next day with a sore and painful feeling near my underarms but this was resolved  towards the end of the next day. I was lying down ( I have bouts of health anxiety) and felt a movable lump  on my ribs . Now my entire rib cage in-front is inflamed and hurts.  In addition, on my back  i also have pain on a particular point which corresponds to the front of my ribs if i press down on it ( not sure if this is clear). To top it all off I had a sore throat which is now resolved but i do have a slight cold.

Also i have been freaking out for the past week and prodding/poking myself incessantly. I have convinced myself I have lumps in my abdomen because i felt a tiny tiny ball on either side of my abdomen. I don't even know if this is real or my imagination because of my descent into paranoia. My entire abdomen is sore to touch because i must have spent hours for the past 5 days touching it. So far, I have diagnosed myself with 5 types of cancer ( incl. ovarian, kidney, rib tumours, leukemia and lymphoma). 

So any suggestions on what this could be to rest my restless mind till Saturday ( when I see my doctor)? Long and my post is all over the place like my mind ;(

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