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Nausea, can't eat today

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It 7PM, and thus far today I've been unable to eat due to nausea. I've never had nausea like this: non-acute, began upon awakening and constant all day. Nausea 8/10 all day, when trying to eat worsened.

Any advice?

7 Replies
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I'm so sorry to hear that your nausea has worsened. 😢❤️

 AndreaWilson_Founder Are there any resources we can provide for  RolloMay regarding nausea?

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RolloMayPatient in reply to MichelleL_BlueFaery

Actually on that day not just nausea, which went away following day, but also would look at food and now feeling of hunger.

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RolloMayPatient in reply to MichelleL_BlueFaery

That would be great. I have a feeling this may be a problem that requires chronic management.

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I take Zofran 2 or 3 times a day . Every 8 hours. Works very good for me. Your oncologist should prescribe this no problem. They have one you put under your tongue to dissolve so it works fast.

I have also used compazine which can be taken more often. Try one for a week. Take it before meal time.

My tolerance for certain foods is bad. I eat peanut butter. Soup with lots of saltines. I have gotten pasta and cream of wheat. Just go with any cravings you might have. 4 small meals a day.

My issue is I eat something and it’s goes down well then it hits my stomach and I feel stuffed up to my neck. Good b then need not overeat can get

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RolloMayPatient in reply to Iggy08713287

Thanks for your reply. I know what you mean. I hate when that happens. You are eating fine then all of a sudden your stomach feels taught and distended.

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What are you taking for nausea? Jimmy started off with Zofran 4 mg and then increased to the 8 mg. He took it so it was always in his system. He tried promethazine but didn't like the Parkinson like shakes it gave him. When the Zofran stopped working on a consistent basis, they switched him to Reglan which he took routinely to keep in his system. I could add Zofran if he needed. Not sure what other options are out there. He also ate several small meals/snacks instead of large ones and included lots of crackers, oatmeal etc to help settle his stomach. Ginger Ale also seemed to help at times or Ginger Tea.

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RolloMayPatient in reply to DancingEyes63

You're so kind to share your experiences. I take zofran 8mg (prescribed daily) but often need more. This is a difficult illness and all of us should be proud fighting it. God bless you.

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