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Happy Thanksgiving

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Hello everyone. Sorry I'm late but wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. As I'm sure you know, this holiday has been really hard for me. Especially since in 2010, my daughter was taken I'll the day before Thanksgiving and passed on December 22 so I've had hard time with holidays since then. I stayed home on Thanksgiving day but did go yesterday to a gathering. Jimmy and I were supposed to be on a Patient Advisory Board in December so I'm going to be doing that alone now. Also our interview will be on One Liver to Love on December so I got to preview the videos last week to make sure I was ok with changes made to reflect Jimmy's passing. Also got the finished copies of the pictures that were taken back in June when we did interview so I'm busy finding frames to put them in. Jimmy was tired by the time this picture was taken but I still like it. There's one of just me sitting in the swing and I felt it was perfect to use for my Christmas cards. Especially since everyone getting a card will have seen this picture of him standing behind me. Everyone don't give up. Keep fighting and living! Love y'all ❤️❤️❤️Sharon Dixon

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That is a beautiful photo, Sharon. I'm glad you are doing what's right for you during this holiday season - that looks different for all of us.

Wishing you all good things!



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Thank you Wendy. Yes,the holiday season is already difficult for. Trying to avoid anything that will make it worse. Love you


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