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I was just wondering if the doctor decided that treatment for liver cancer was no longer or has not worked and recommended hospice would go for a second opinion. Have been having treatment for approximately and the cancer has not shrank, it was at 8 cm?

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I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this and make these decisions. My husband had a good response to Y90 radioembolization when his tumor was 8cm and invading the portal vein. He has some smaller tumors but the main tumor was killed by the Y90 and retracted out of the portal vein. He has been on Lenvima, Opdivo, Sorafenib and now Avastin/Tecentriq to treat the smaller tumors and God has blessed us with good liver function and stability at present. I don't know what treatments you have tried but there are more options for HCC than there were when he was diagnosed March 2019 and there are factors that affect the choice of treatments so would encourage you to discuss this openly with your MD. Second opinions can be a good option to make sure you have explored all treatments available for your particular circumstance. God Bless!

Hello Harps135

I'm sorry to hear about your or your loved one's diagnosis. There are many options for advanced HCC as bwpickard listed. Have you discussed palliative care, which is different from hospice?

~Andrea Wilson Woods

President & Founder

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