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How long into taking Lenvima before they do the first scans?


My dad has been on Lenvima since May 4. The oncologist has yet to mention when they start doing more than blood tests.

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Hi! I hope your dad is adjusting to the Lenvima! My husband was on Lenvima and scans were done at 2 months to assess. He had also had y90 so they were assessing that. Scans are usually done every 2-3 months From what I understand.I know you are anxious to know response. I would just ask your doctor when he plans to do them. Keep in mind you do you want to allow sufficient time for the med to be acting so that they don’t call it a failed response if it just hasn’t had sufficient time. If his liver function numbers started worsening I would think that would trigger them to do scans sooner. Hope this helps!!


Bonnie said pretty much exactly what I was going to say. :) Dave gets scans every 2-3 months (he's on Stivarga).

I know it's so hard to just wait and not know how things are going. Fingers crossed that the Lenvima is working well for your dad!

Wendy in Michigan

Hello LAA21,

Ask. It will often depend on the oncologist's preference, experience, the facility, and (I'm sad to say) the patient's insurance coverage.

Ask -- what is the typical amount of time you wait between scans?

Ask -- why do you wait for that amount of time? What changes are you looking for?

Ask -- under what circumstances would you do a scan sooner? (Usually if the patient has unusual/atypical reaction to the treatment and it has to be changed and/or stopped.)

Ask, ask, ask. Never hesitate to ask. And document.


P.S. You can download our new liver cancer guide here:

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