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Lenvima oral meds for HCC

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I am wondering if anyone recently has been on Lenvima? It is scheduled for me and I am wondering about side effects?

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Hi..I am waiting for the same oral treatment and would love to learn more

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Hello! The most common side effects of Lenvima are hypertension and fatigue. Usually, people tolerate it fairly well though it depends on any pre-existing conditions (aside from cancer). You can learn more here: bluefaery.org/treatment-opt...

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Iggy08713287Patient in reply to AndreaWilson_Founder

Thank you. It’s always nerve wracking to consider a new treatment . I have had high blood pressure from my past treatments and it remains. I see the importance of regulating my BP prior to starting Lenvima. Mine has been both too high and too low ending in ER visits. So it is a bit scary to consider it becoming worse. I will speak with my Oncologist about this.

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My husband Jimmy was on Lenvima for 4 months. I'm afraid he had a horrible time with side effects. Nausea and fatigue but his biggest problem was it caused sores/ulcers in his mouth and even in his throat. Very painful and he couldn't eat. He lost 75 pounds during his 4 months on it. The oncologist gave him a couple of meds for the sores and also reduced the dosage but the sores didn't go away until he stopped the Lenvima all together. The oncologist had thought the Lenvima was working at first so didn't want him to stop taking it. His tumor markers had seemed stable for the first three months. Then the fourth month they jumped way up. When they did the MRI they discovered he had multiple new tumors in his liver so it actually hadn't helped or at least only for a short time. Many do have good luck with it and I pray that you are one of them. If you do happen to get mouth sores be sure to let your oncologist know ASAP. Best wishes and remember to try to live every day. It's so easy for the cancer and treatment to take over every aspect of our lives and we miss out on enjoying the time we're given. ❤️❤️❤️

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Iggy08713287Patient in reply to DancingEyes63

thank you! The Dr had mentioned mouth sores to us. I am still on the fence about whether to take it or not. Yes, it’s hard to not live life around cancer. It takes up all your energy.

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