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Blue Faery Liver Cancer

Mom with liver cancer

Hello everyone, my mom has liver cancer and the oncologist told us, that there 2 treatments they can offer

1) Chemo Embolization

2) Radiation Embolization

I am just curious have anyone here go though any of these 2 treatments, is one better than the other, are the side effects worse in any of them.?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello OGO-NYC, What stage is your mother in? Stage determines treatment options. You can check here bluefaery.org/treatment-opt... to see specifically what type of chemo (TACE?) or radiation (SIRT?) your mother may be receiving.

I always recommend patients get a second opinion and check out clinical trials sooner than later.

I'm so sorry for the delayed response. We are just beginning to grow this community.

Take care.

Sincerely, Andrea J. Wilson


Hi. I'm an ambassador on this site (new role for me!) and I just thought I'd check in to see how you and your mother are doing. Did you decide on a treatment option?

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