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For Caregivers only

For Caregivers only

This area is for caregivers only.

In order to have access, be sure to Introduce Yourself (see Topics and this link for info:

Let us know you are a caregiver so we can give you a Caregiver Badge.

As a caregiver who lost the most important person in my life to HCC, I found there was zero support for caregivers. Even though I lived in Los Angeles and my sister/child was treated in two huge multi-disciplinary centers, there were no support groups for caregivers.

In this area of our online community, you can voice any concern, fear, anger, frustration, sadness, etc., you may have without your loved one--the HCC patient--knowing how you feel. Connect with other caregivers. Find support in each other. We are in this fight together.

Love, Andrea J. Wilson

Blue Faery President and Founder, HCC Patient Advocate, Former parent/caregiver/legal guardian of younger sister Adrienne Wilson, best kid ever

Me & Adrienne on my 28th birthday in August 2000

One year later, she was fighting for her life and finishing her fourth round of chemotherapy after a diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) in May 2001.