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Ok- been on a variety of anti hypertensives for about 10 years- Ramipril made me cough continually so a couple of others were tried and eventually settled on Losartan 50mg. Until about 3 months ago when it seemed to stop working. Dose increased with no effect so GP added in amlodipine 5mg- cue awful palpitations. Next was Doxasosin - stopped taking that due to bloating and heartburn. Latest try is felodipine - small dose due to above problems. Seemed to be ok until I got on the scales. Following a low carb healthy diet and losing weight but all of a sudden, in 10days, 6lb gain. Patient leaflet doesn’t mention weight gain but some American sites do mention rapid weight gain. Anyone else had this?

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After trying several including Felodipine I am trying Bendroflumethiazide along with my previous med of Rampril.Been on this combination now for 3 months and all good so far.

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